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Are we back?


Yes we are back, the big orange roller doors have been hauled up and Flux is open for business.

We would like to wish all our clients, suppliers, collaborators, friends and flag flyers a most excellent 2020!!

The festive season may be over but the part

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What the Flux?


A bit of festive fun, see who can come up with the best caption for this picture of me doing my best Brian Blessed for a very nervous looking Mr Smith.

Thanks again to Team ABN for another great event and for kick-starting Christmas!!!!

Hope you all ha

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Flux to the Future!


If you are going to a Back to the Future themed ball, why not do it with some style! As you can see the Flux Boys had a great time at the Me Too! Enchantment Under the Sea Ball.

Thanks to Phionna Mcinnes, Jenna McArthur and the rest of the Me Too! tea

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Time is running out to book the last couple of tables for this Fluxtastic event, so unless you have a Delorean handy to go back and book, then make like a bolt of lightening and contact Andrew Alleway ( or Jenna McArthur (jenna.mca

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