What the Flux?


A bit of festive fun, see who can come up with the best caption for this picture of me doing my best Brian Blessed for a very nervous looking Mr Smith.

Thanks again to Team ABN for another great event and for kick-starting Christmas!!!!

Hope you all have a Very Merry Chrimbo!!!

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  • Andrew! What a power hand shake, flux-sake you're breaking my hand buddy. 

    • Haha!! Thanks Tess...thats what I get for not sticking to the dress code!

      Have a great Christmas!!

  • A - If you're going to do Hopper, can I do Joyce?

    M - Stranger Things have happened

    (Cue middle-aged wheezy laughter times two!)

    • Haha!! Very good Mr Smith...you have a bright career ahead of you writing the jokes for crackers!!

      Have a great Christmas!!!

  • Merry Christmas and congrats on your win! 

    • Thanks Jessie, hope you have a great Christmas!!

  • Mr Smith:  So you think your Christmas shirt is better than mine? 

    Mark Thouless: There was never any competition.

    Both: Let's settle this with a good old festive arm wrestle.  AAARRR!

    • Haha!! Thanks Mia...but who won? Ceratainly not fashion thats for sure!

      Hope you have a great Christmas!!

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