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Ask yourself this… 

Why would you buy something from a new supplier you don’t know?

What do you want to know before you do?


If we look at this from your company’s point of view you will probably want to know things such as:

  • Do we know the people that wo
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I wish that I was good enough

Do you ever suffer from Imposter Syndrome? Would you be surprised to know that I have too? Yes, chatty, confident, talk-to-anyone me? Perhaps sharing my thoughts on this will help you to realise that you are not the only one who sometimes has a wobb
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The Change Curve

This blog is about my personal experience of the Change Curve, after losing both my parents, just 33 days apart, at the start of 2021. I discovered that although I had talked about the Change Curve for years, seeing myself going through the differe
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What if no-one speaks to me??

If that’s what you fear (when you go networking and once in-person events eventually return!), you are definitely not alone

It’s a human fear, a fear that every networker will have had at some point, that we’ll go into a room full of p

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