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5 Times a Phone Call Changed the World

There have been many landmarks in the history of communication. The first smudged record of ourselves left daubed on cave walls indicates a desire to pass on some message to others. Likewise, the first writings, and the first printed text.


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Lifewave technology

Japan World Cup players using Lifewave's phototherapy technology that I first used in October 2005!

Lifewave have since developed 3rd generation technology and launched the  x39 stem cell patch in 2019 with sales this year of 250 Million dollars. 


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Coping with Communicating Post-Pandemic

From our attitudes to hygiene, to personal space, the global pandemic changed everything. Social gatherings took on a slightly worrying turn, and were replaced by social media. Shaking hands was replaced by elbow bumps. Face to face by virtual meetin

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Do you remember your first time?

10856090063?profile=RESIZE_710xHaving recently spoken to someone who was about to attend their first ever ABN networking event, it got me thinking about my first time and how much has changed since then.

Somewhere around April or May of 2015 I started looking at what options there

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Taming the Beast

Ok I need to confess

I watch Disney films regularly.

Emerie my daughter is 5 and she loves Disney films.

I’m fact Beauty & the Beast is one of her favourites.

Everyone talks about Disney films hidden meanings and there are many articles and reviews about

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Technology - The Unsung Hero of the Pandemic

It may be hard to see at first, but there are many positive points floating around in the gloom of the last couple of years. Neighbourhoods started to pull together in a way they hadn’t before, the general public adjusted surprisingly quickly to a ne

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