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What if no-one speaks to me??

If that’s what you fear (when you go networking and once in-person events eventually return!), you are definitely not alone

It’s a human fear, a fear that every networker will have had at some point, that we’ll go into a room full of p

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The power of storytelling

If you are looking for ways to raise awareness of your business or campaign then telling your story, rather than just selling products or services, is key.

You should be treating your brand as if it were a person, with a tone of voice, a sense of humo

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Are you based in Scotland?


The conversation starts like this......

Potential Client - Are you based in Scotland?..........   

ME  - Yes, Banchory , Aberdeenshire.

Potential Client -  That's a relief.   I've spent days trying to get hold of a telephone company who can help us.



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