Are we back?


Yes we are back, the big orange roller doors have been hauled up and Flux is open for business.

We would like to wish all our clients, suppliers, collaborators, friends and flag flyers a most excellent 2020!!

The festive season may be over but the party is just starting, so keep an eye out for all things orange coming your way.

Be excellent to each other and....FLUX ON DUDES!!!

#2020 #ReadyToFlux #YourBrandStory #SeeOrangeThinkFlux

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  • Flux On, brothers in marketing arms.

    • In a Moment BrotherFluxer!!

  • Got a dark chocolate orange from Santa at Xmas. Just as tasty!

    • Happy New Year Andrew!! Someone was a good boy then!!

  • Did I ever mention that ORANGE is my favorite colour?

    • I always knew you had good taste Tess!!

      Happy New Year, here is to a very orangey 2020!!

  • Have a Fluxing great 2020 Mark :-) The world wouldn't be the same without some orange in it 

    • Thanks Carmen!! I hope you have a Madcatastic 2020!!

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