Where do you buy business books?

With shops reopening today, I came up with the idea for this post:

Where do you buy your non-fiction, business or personal development books?

Do you like browsing Waterstones, searching through charity shops or shopping on Amazon?


Writing this post also reminded me of this blog post I wrote last year on places to find business books: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/best-places-find-purchase-business-books-simon-pittman/

And I can't mention business books without adding a link for my book group - it would be great to see you in the group if you are not already a member - a place to discover, recommend and discuss books to help your work and business: facebook.com/groups/AberdeenBusinessBooks

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  • I have tended to buy from Amazon but in the spirit of supporting local, would like to think I'll change that habit moving forward!

    I also tend to borrow from library in the first instance if possible as a dry run before spending my pennies 😁  So in that vein, will drop by your facebook group!

    • Welcome to the Facebook book group! :-)

      I've often visited the library (pre-pandemic) - a great place to find ideas for new books to read that may not have been considered!

  • Most of my books come from Amazon, I much prefer buying from a shop though so excited to get back into one, although I have a stack of books to get through so I have banned myself from buying anymore for just now. 

    • I've often had a stack of unread books in past so always make sure I read ones I already have before buying new ones. I often buy on Amazon too, although it is nice to browse bookshops (including the VSA bookshop which often has some great business books). :-) 

  • A bit of a mixture! I still prefer hard copy books and go to the central library (as you know!), plus the library where we're based @Centrum. Also buy some books

    • I miss being able to visit the Central Library - not visited for over a year!

  • Hi Simon - I have to say, although I feel a little guilty about it, I mostly buy online. When we moved out here first, there was a bookshop right next door to us, and we occasionally went in there, and then he moved to Ballater because the rent was cheaper! These days, if we're in Ballater, we might pop in, but I wouldn't specifically drive there for the experience. That being said, I do enjoy the tactile joy of a bookshop. 

    • I enjoy browsing a bookshop too - although I'm also guilty of buying online. :-) 

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