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My main work (which pays my bills!) is developing and offering a range of software products, ideal for working from home (including planning and membership).

Author of 7 books - covering a range of beginners and business related topics - sold throughout the UK (and the rest of the world).

In Aberdeen, I'm probably best known for my book group!


Book themed networking - Books & Networking

Meet other business owners, network and discuss the books you are currently reading.

Unlike a traditional book club (where everyone reads the same book), we discuss what everyone is reading, goals, and getting ideas from each other for books to read. Plus business networking too!

Books discussed at previous events include business, personal development, biographies, practical "how to" books, and more.

Regular meetings, a free Facebook group, and support if you are interested in writing/self publishing your own book.

Can't attend Books & Networking? Why not bring Books & Networking to your business! Available to hire for workshops, bespoke events, etc. Ideal for team building or organising for your clients.

Let me know if you are interested in coming along to a future meeting - or check out the website at:


Looking for help writing and releasing your book?

10+ years experience of writing/self publishing books.

A number of people have mentioned wanting to discuss their book ideas with me, looking for me to share my experiences, so I've added a page to my website, with a range of writing help and support available.

Includes my book on writing and self publishing your own book, blog posts with hints & tips, and a one-to-one "power hour" style meeting to answer your writing/self publishing questions.

Unlike a lot of the "experts" you find online and on YouTube, there's no affiliate links, etc. - I'll provide honest advice, what's worked for me, and show you my own actual books.

In September 2022 I organised a one-off workshop - currently no further workshops planned, unless someone hires me to put together a workshop for their business!

Contact me if you'd like help turning your ideas into an actual book, or visit:


I create a range of software products...

Looking for help with...
- Getting up and running for working from home?
- Planning your goals, work and projects for 2024?
- Managing members for your club, charity or non-profit?
- Audio/broadcasting solutions?
- Saving your home recipes on your PC/laptop?
- Cataloguing and organising your comic books?
- Making your Windows 11 PC or laptop easier to use?

I create a range of software products! Sold throughout the UK and other parts of the world.

A lot of my work these past few years included helping people get set up for working for home using my software. My software has no subscriptions, doesn't require constant Internet access, and are one-off purchases - something that has proven to be attractive to clients not wanting to commit to ongoing costs.

Browse & download free trials at:


Author of 7 books!

Ideal for beginners - get started with...

  • Updating/managing your WordPress website.
  • Editing audio on your PC or laptop.
  • Learn coding.
  • Create and release your own apps or digital products.
  • Build a business around your products or services.
  • Get the most from business/personal development books.
  • Write and release your own book.

All 7 of my books are available to order from my Amazon author page:


Happy to consider freelance opportunities, including: web design/development, documentation, IT/technical and audio editing.

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I am interested in networking and helping other businesses, freelancers and charities within and beyond Aberdeen.

What makes you/your business/organisation different?

- We don't just sell you the product and then forget about you.
- you will receive product support and help direct from the developer.
- Work with you to ensure you have the best solutions - even if that means recommending a competitors product.
- Focus on stability and reliability, rather then unnecessary features.
- Listening and where possible make use of customer feedback.
- Friendly and reliable service.

Share some life or business wisdom!

- Be honest (e.g. don't take on work you can't actually do) and be yourself!
- While there will always be people willing to do it cheaper, you'll end up paying three times (the "cheap" option, cost of repairing damage caused by going cheap, plus the original work you wanted).
- Provide excellent customer service and support before, during and after a sale.
- Stick to the vision for your product.
- Ignore the armchair experts (e.g. well-meaning friends and family offering their business "advice").

There's more of my business wisdom in my "Your Product, Your Business" book, available from Amazon! ;-)

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