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Technology, IT, Charity

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Baking at home during the lockdown?

Keep all your recipes and notes in one place - PittRecipes is available for FREE (you don't even need to register or provide an e-mail address) at:

While creating PittRecipes, I also wrote a book on creating new digital products (from planning to release) - available on Amazon at:


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(When its safe and possible for them to go ahead)

Meet other businesses, network and discuss the books you are currently reading - if you'd like more information and be kept informed of these plans, e-mail


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Looking for help with...
- Managing members for your club, charity or voluntary organisation?
- Keeping track of your tasks and to do lists?
- Audio/broadcasting solutions?
- We develop a range of software products! Try for FREE at:

- Frustrated with Windows 8/10? Is your desktop cluttered with icons? Looking for an easier way to launch applications on your computer?
- Discover an easier way to use Windows at:

Author of four books, helping you get started with: managing a WordPress website, editing audio, software development and creating new products. All my books are available to order on Amazon:


Volunteer or involved with a club or charity? Receive help and support running your organisation - join the FREE Member Manager Plus group at:


Reading any business books at the moment? Looking for books to help your business? Join the FREE business book group at:


Happy to consider freelance opportunities and collaborations, including: web design/development, documentation, IT/technical and audio editing.

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I am interested in networking and helping other businesses, freelancers and charities within and beyond Aberdeen.

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- We don't just sell you the product and then forget about you.
- you will receive product support and help direct from the developer.
- Work with you to ensure you have the best solutions - even if that means recommending a competitors product.
- Focus on stability and reliability, rather then unnecessary features.
- Listening and where possible make use of customer feedback.
- Friendly and reliable service.

Share some life or business wisdom!

- Be honest and be yourself!
- Provide excellent customer service and support before, during and after a sale.
- Stick to the vision for your product.

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  • Hi Simon,

    Great to meet you


  • Hello , Simon! Nice to meet You!

  • Hi Simon - thanks for connecting. As a newbie on this platform it's good to make new connections and meet other members of the ABN group. 


  • Hi Simon - thank for reaching out to connect. I have just jointed ABN and good to meet fellow members.

  • Thanks for wanting to connect, Simon. It's great to get in touch with fellow web/software developers.

  • Hello Simon


    Looks like you are keeping yourself very busy, with lots to take on board and lots of things I can learn!


    Best wishes!



  • Thanks for the connection Simon

  • Andrew good to see you again today ! enjoyed the meeting.

    Wanted to give a big thanks to Craig Davidson in my KTen group for an intro to a new client that has resulted in a 12 month contract being awarded ! Great example of the abn community helping each other..

  • Good stuff Simon! Thanksf for connecting to welcome our newest members. And will let you know as soon as Jack Bauer joins (although you'll get the notification anyway!)!

  • Jack Bauer hasn't joined yet. But he will. Give him.......24 hours!

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