Too busy to follow up?

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Have you ever been too busy to follow up after a networking event?? That's something I occasionally hear - but I'm not convinced too busy is actually the case!

To explain....especially when we've met people for the first time, following up is so important. It's the connection between a short conversation and the start of a relationship. And I know plenty of very busy people who find the time to follow up. So 'too busy' doesn't really cover it!

Some networkers will always set aside/mark off a little time in advance for later that day or the next day after an event. It can be as little as half an hour. But that's enough time to make Linkedin connections and send follow-up emails or messages. Then the event becomes a relationship-building event, not a chance to have a few business cards sitting doing nothing on your desk!

If you'd like to chat about following up or any other part of building a highly-effective networking process, please comment here or email Don't send a fax tho. The fax machine isn't working


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  • I don't send a fax but I do prefer to send a pigeon as a follow up. I feel like it's a real conversation starter. 

    • That's a great idea. And they're much easier to work with than seagulls. We have a pigeon in-house @Centrum

  • I've never liked the word busy - often overused and used as an excuse not to do things. Only Jack Bauer is busy! 😉


    I always follow up after networking, although apart from my own events haven't attended any other networking since 2020!

    • Agreed. Jack always follows up within 24 hours!

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