What a cracking bunch!

Thank you to everyone who attended yesterday's M4 Event, sponsored by Laura Mearns of Northwood North East hosted at Clan House

From the feedback we have recieved already it seems like you all had a ball.  I do think i need to invest in an air horn for next time!

Well done to all of our 13 first timers, our multi service clients and Gold members, you make our events so special! 

And as always Jeanette for her help and support.  


Make those 2 hours count, make those connections - It works, if you work it!



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  • It was a great event! We were delighted to sponsor it smile

  • What a brilliant event .....we were very loud & animated.....thoroughly enjoyed seeing familiar faces & meeting so many new and interesting people, thank you Leigh & Jeanette :smile

  • Thank-you Leigh & J-Lo. The best M4 this year. By a mile. Great event

    • It really was a fantastic night even if I do say so!

  • Yes to the air horn! I couldn't hear the bell at some points! What a buzz in the room! 

    • Air horn ordered

  • Great event, lovely to meet lots of new people and seeing familiar faces. Nice to hear what other businesses are up to!

    • Great to have you along, Thank you again. 

  • Great to see everyone yesterday. And yes, what a rowdy bunch!

    • Must have been a full moon

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