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We are an independent company, owned and operated by directors with extensive experience in the marine industry. We aim to be flexible and create bespoke collaborative working practices to support our clients marine and cargo surveying needs. We take great pride in our work and strive to ensure all operations are carried out in a safe, timely, professional and cost effective manner.

We can provide year round 24 hours a day services not limited to:

Marine & Cargo Services
1- AMS Marine Technical
2- AMS Marine Assurance
3- AMS DP and Mission Critical Equipment
4- AMS Marine Warranty
5- AMS Cargo Surveying
6- AMS Drilling Bulk Surveying

Sale, Service & Hire Services
1- AMS Fire, Gas & Breathing air
2- AMS Instrumentation Calibration
3- AMS Equipment Hire
4- AMS Marine Life Saving Equipment
5- AMS Fall Arrest and Rescue
6- AMS PPE and RPE

AMS Offshore Projects
1- AMS RPS & Norm packages
2- AMS H2S packages

Specialist Services
1- AMS Disinfection
2- AMS Hygiene Services
3- AMS Emergency Response & Rescue Teams
4- Training inc. High Hazard specialisms
5- AMS Gas Free (Marine Chemist)
6- AMS Water and Fuel Quality
7- Fit2Fit accredited Face Fit testing

Operations Office Address: Paragon House
59 Palmerston Road, Aberdeen, Scotland, AB11 5QP
Peterhead Office: 3 Mile End Place, Peterhead, AB42 2UW

Please contact us at

01224 953135

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We are committed to adding value, offering a bespoke service and meeting our customer’s needs.


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Andrew Smith


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