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Aberdeen Business Network (ABN) provides a range of 6 unique networking service which have helped our clients win over £26m in new business - ABN Gold (the Premier Membership of ABNCommunity), ABN networking events (Meet-Everyone M4 and Before Noon), Contact Builder, advertising & sponsorship opportunities and the 'Ten' sales intel groups






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Grow my network relationships, Gain Industry / Local business knowledge.

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Our range of business development services allows us to deliver services to suit and help all businesses, no matter the networking goals or budget.

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Andrew Smith

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  • Thank you for the connections Leigh!Looking forard to going on this journey together!Natalie 

  • Thanks for the connection Leigh. Talk soon, Jim

  • Leigh, thank you for the connection, look forward to catching up soon.

  • Thanks for the connection Leigh

  • Hi Leigh

    Delighted to connect and look forward to getting a chance to meet up and find out more about you and your role at AMS Global.


  • Thank you Leigh for connecting. I'll hopefully see you either virtually or F2F at one on the meetings


  • Thanks for the connection :)

  • Welcome Leigh to ABN Community.

    Hope to see you soon in either at Namaste Delhi for divine dining, signature Cooking/Cocktail classes, musical events or at ABN event. Thanks

    Best Regards


  •  Thanks Andrew

  • Welcome (back!) to ABNCommunity!

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