Good morning ABNers,

 I would like to introduce Afters Brewing Company Ltd. We are the preferred UK CO2 Recovery & re-use system distributor on behalf of Dalum Beverage Equipment.

 What you may not know:

  •  For every 100 litres of beer produced, many breweries have to release 4 kgs of CO2 to the atmosphere obviously adding to the problems we already have..
  •  Ironically, they need to buy in 3 kgs of CO2 to carbonate their finished products at the cost of approx. £450/tonne… and overall they use thousands of tonnes every year. So that is an environmental and a significant cost to their operations and profits.
  •  Until now only the largest brewers could afford the systems to capture and recover the CO2 they produce during the fermentation process.

 We can now offer a comprehensive package including:

  • Dalum system CO2 Recovery System - Suitable for 5.000 -100.000 hl breweries
  • Finance agreement which enables R.O.I. in 2-3 years during which time the brewery will not have to buy in CO2, therefore their overall operational cost will be reduced immediately upon installation.
  • Full installation, commissioning and technical support services included

 The system delivers:

  • Food Grade CO2 Quality and Secure Supply - 99,98% CO2 purity and no detectable odour of any kind in the product
  • Fully assembled and tested, unit-ready to plug-in - Needs only water, electricity, glycol and drain to be connected
  • Very small footprint of the equipment, (1 Sqm or10 Sq Ft) - Low noise level (70dB) and can be placed anywhere in the brewery
  • Very low consumption of power and water - Eliminates a breweries largest CO2 emission source and a significant step towards meeting the industry’s environmental targets
  • Simple and fully automatic operation with self diagnosing software - Adapts automatically capacity to CO2 production from fermentation - Remote control & monitoring option

 If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch and we would be very grateful if you could spread the word.


10644083071?profile=RESIZE_710xIain Fullerton


m: 07479 393639


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  • Interesting statistics Iain.  Good luck with the new venture!

  • Sounds great (though quiet) Iain

  • Best of luck with the new venture Iain

  • Good to see you at the Mten meeting on Tuesday, Iain. Thanks for sharing more info about Afters here

  • Congratulations Iain 

    Followed the new page on Linkedin. Best of luck! 

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