Name The Bear (again!)

I found a new bear yesterday (or did he find me?!) - he was with the reduced Easter eggs in the big Co-op on Union Street (in case anyone wants to get their own bear!)!

And anyone who remembers my previous posts when I get new bears, etc. can probably guess where this post is going...



The bear needs a name!

Have you got any ideas for possible names for the bear?

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  • 8813231878?profile=RESIZE_400x

    Thank you to everyone for your names!

    Decided to name him Cooper (named as I found him in a Co-op store!)

    • Great name Simon!

  • Awe cute, he looks like a 'Splodge' to me.

    • Splodge is a great possibility - thank you!

      I am considering naming him Cooper as I found him in the Co-op - however just need to check that I don't already have a bear with that name. :-)

      • I am really interested, what name did you decide on Simon?

        • I decided on Cooper for a name! :-) 

  • He looks like a 'Smudge' to me!

    • Smudge is another great possibility - thank you! :-)

  • Theo :) 

    • Theo is a good possibility - thank you! :-)

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