We've been hearing alot of feedback recently from clients who have won new business as a result of ABN activity (either online, offline or both).  So if YOU have won new business, please share that below. You don't necessarily have to share how much and who from - unless you want to, of course! Just let us all know a little bit about the business won and how it came about



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  • Well done Erin and thank-you to you and Jess! It's great having you as Ten group members and I'm really glad you're enjoying it and your memberships are leading to support, visibility and new business opportunities

  • As a fairly new TEN group member I must say I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's a great relaxed group and I really look forward to it on a Wednesday morning. 

  • I joined a TEN group back in December and I'm really enjoying it! As a result I have one booking for Aberdeen Science Centre's brand new event space in the diary, and meetings held as part of the ten-groups have provided inspiration for new (team building) packages which will be launched soon. Looking forward to seeing what else transpires in the next few months! 

  • It goes to show that having those conversations really works! Andrew asked me to have a conversation with another Ten member, both just to find out about each other's businesses and build relations with no obvious referral paths and both left with promise to remember to recommend the other if the opportunity arose. 


    Fast forward 2 weeks later and that company has become a client of the Firm's on a completely unrelated note. No pre-existing relationship and now helping them sort out matters and with a cheeky Ten discount for them too!

    • Nice work Tom! Thanks for sharing your feedback here and very well done on the new business won

  • Welcome Birgit! And well done Lynn and Bob. Great to read about your funds raised/business won. Very well deserved!

  • The support I have had for NESS through A10 and fellow ABN members is so valuable, whether it's attending our virtual events, sponsorship of them or help with marketing material for these events, it all adds up to a lot of business and support NESS wouldn't have without being a member of the ABN Community.

    Our next event is on Friday 30th April, Family Night at the NESS Arms, a night of quizzing, laughs and mind blowing magic! Post coming VERY soon!

  • I've been in business for almost a year now but just joined this platform, I'm looking forward to connecting! 

  • Thanks to my fellow JTen members Angela Scott and Gillian Hambley for allowing me to assist them with their mortgage and Insurance requirements, much appreciated. Hopefully i can help increase your business going forward. JTen is a great group to be part of.

  • I really enjoy being part of Sten. Thanks to Duncan Bonner I now have 2 new clients. Being part of ABN really has helped my business grow.

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