We've been hearing alot of feedback recently from clients who have won new business as a result of ABN activity (either online, offline or both).  So if YOU have won new business, please share that below. You don't necessarily have to share how much and who from - unless you want to, of course! Just let us all know a little bit about the business won and how it came about



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  • I attended an M4 event last year, and have partnered with a member I met (Alan Clark) to deliver a major training contract in England.

    We are looking to bring the training up to Scotland too, so huge amounts of business being done.

    I would never have met Alan if it hadn't been for the ABN event, so absolutely delighted! Thank you!

    • Well done Kelly! It was great to hear you share this on Tuesday. Very well deserved and hope it leads to lots more training here in Scotland too!

  • Recently gained business directly from ABN - thank you!

    • Well done Abbey. And these jerseys look goooooood!

  • We recently secured generous headline sponsorhip towards our GEF Ladies Lunch from The Property Duo as a direct result of an inroduction through fellow Q10 group member Tom Main of Aberdein Considine. 

    Long live ABN :)

    • Well done Myles - and Tom - and Stef and Jade The Property Duo!

  • Recently received two project referrals from one abn member of the Tten group. It's a great group, I really enjoy it and the concept works well for me.

    • Well done Anja! It is great having you as a member of the Tten group. See you tomorrow!

  • Bspoq is delighted to have done some early stage branding and logo work with Helen Mill of The Alternative Board as a result of our team Q10 network.  Always enjoy our meetings each fortnight and it is amazing how the relationships develop over time.

    Thanks Helen Mill 

    • Well done Jackie! Great to hear that your Qten group relationship-building has led to this new business

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