Calling all 2024 ABN Contact Builders! We want to see your meetings in action 

Here's just some of the great pictures we have received from CB meetings so far, We love to hear about how you have gotten on, who your matches are and what you have learned.  



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  • One day I'll manage a half decent selfie lol. Anyway, here's Genevieve Smith looking lovely after our Contact Builder meeting yesterday. Really enjoyed chatting with her about all sorts of stuff! 


    • Was great to meet you Jeanette - We certainly covered a lot of topics!




    A cracking Contact Builder meeting with Judith Mackie of Compass Estates this morning. 

    We talked about such a variety of different things but the one thing that came across strongly was how passionate she is about providing an excellent service to her clients! 

    • Thank you for sharing. Great to see you connecting. 

  • It sounds like you're really enjoying your Contact Builder meetings James! Thanks for sharing these latest photos! 

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    • Thank you for sharing James. We really appreciate it and enjoy seeing your meetings. 

  • I vote there is a best contact builder photo award this year, Graham and I will defs be in for a shot with our pic from yesterday! 

    • You'll need to pop it on here then @Siobhan!

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