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Business Development

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Assurance of Learning is a Learning and Development business focused on working with our customers to improve Performance through the mantra of Continuous Improvement through Employee Involvement.  We also offer training (accredited by OPITO and SQA) for Competence Assessor and Verifiers as well as Consulting services in relation to organisations looking to implement a Competence Management System.  Additionally we offer Coaching and Mentoring in Leadership and Leadership development.

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Expand my network and generate leads across various industrial sectors in the region

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As a truly customer focused business we aim to provide our customers a unique experience from the minute they start to interact with us.  We aim to add real value to our customers by making sure we are solutions.  Our values are demonstrated daily in what we do with our customers and their people.  Our firm belief is organisations will only prosper and succeed if they value and recgnise the input from everyone in the company.  To do so they must operate in a culture which encourages feedback and is action based.

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Feeling connected is the ultimate human condition. The feeling of connection builds a critical foundation of trust in which employees have a voice and feel empowered to make a real difference in their respective roles.

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Andrew Smith

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