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Oil & Gas, Engineering, Education, Construction, Health, Facilities

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Managing Director QHSE Aberdeen Ltd Management Consultancy

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Build my network and gain more visibility

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We provide a wide scope of consultancy & training in a large selection of ISO Management Systems. We work at both corporate and project level

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Be good at what you do and ensure that you deliver what you say you will to your clients. Only use suitably qualified, experienced Personnel.

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  • Thank you for the connection request!

  • Thanks for connecting!

  • Hi Dave

    Thanks for connecting on ABN.


  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for connecting on ABN. I met with your colleague, Angela Scott, towards the end of last year. It woud be great to have a meeting with you too, so let me know when you're free for a call to catch up on things.



  • Hi Dave. 

    Thanks for the connection request.  Delighted to have a coffee at some point and hear more about you and your business. Just let me know when your're ready. 



  • Thanks Stuart

    Please give me a shout in the new tax year.

  • Hi Dave,

    thanks for connecting. Would be good to have a chat sometime.


  •  Hi Douglas

    I remember you well. Good to see that you are in this community.



  • Hi Dave,

    Hope you're well since we met and spoke at the ACC networking event in the Bridge of Don. I was with Elis workwear at the time, but out on my own now :)

  • Welcome


This reply was deleted.