• It was a great event as usual. And what a buzz in the room! 

    • Thank-you. Definitely alot of buzz and noise very quickly at this one!

  • Hi Andrew , whilst you were mentioning owls , could say that M4 was a hoot , don't know where I get them from , will say however that it did have a great buzz as always , great way to network 

    • Thank-you Dennis. Great to see you @M4 again and read your owl-based jokes!

  • Thank-you Laura, Jess, Susan, Stefania, Scott, SJ and Caroline. Great to see you all there and delighted how much you enjoyed the event!

  • Fantastic networking as always, I just love the buzz in the room at M4

  • Thank you for a great event! 

  • Enjoyed the networking event - although went home shattered!  Great to meet a few connections in person for the first time and also to make many new ones.

  • Great to see everyone yesterday and lots of positive energy in the room as usual! 

  • I really enjoyed my first M4 networking event yesterday, thank you everyone.

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