Screen Print Anyone?



8174462695?profile=RESIZE_710xJust a quick pic to show the behind the scenes of how we screen print garments at Ripples HQ. 👚 👕   Actual video on our social media platforms if you want to see  

Quick Education : Screen Printing is great for printing bulk garments and it’s no new concept. This is done on a carousel (shown in the video) where ink is printed directly onto the garments using a screen stencil. The ink is applied with a squeegee which is then put through a tunnel dryer for the ink to cure. This print technique will usually outlive the garments legit.

Have you heard of this before or new concept to you?

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  • Looks like a lot of fun Ola Adeyemi no wonder you love your job!

  • I love this, Ola, thanks for sharing.

    In my late teens I set up a t-shirt printing business where we hand-cut the stencils. It was nowhere near as professional as your operation but the image has brought back so many happy memories (as well as the strong smell of the ink)



    • Thanks Joanna.

      oh yes you know it too well. I started off with something similar as well and its grown to this massive operation. technology keeps changing and so much to learn in this fun industry. lol


      Have a great week.

  • Thanks for sharing and educating us Ola! Can you share a video in the Videos section here too please?

    • Thanks Andrew.

      I will do that. you know it will take me sometime to figure it out again. hahahaha. Have a great week

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