12404145664?profile=RESIZE_710xRunning a successful company involves juggling countless tasks – finance, HR, customer relations, and marketing, to name a few.

But ask yourself, how much value do you place on your business?

Quite a lot, I'd imagine.

So, why would you settle for a lacklustre media campaign to promote your business?

Whether you're a growing business looking to bring your ideas to life through top-notch video production, or an individual in need of support with your social media channels, our retainer plans are here for you. Offering flexible, tiered support that grows with you and your brand, we ensure your marketing keeps pace. From crafting compelling content to diving deep into analytics for constant optimisation, our services are tailored to fit your unique needs perfectly.

Learn more about our diverse retainer packages and find the one that suits you best by visiting the Farsight website. For an informal chat about your brand and upcoming projects, drop us an email at contact@wearefarsight.com.

Let’s ensure your marketing truly reflects the value of your business.


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  • Great options, Michael!

    • Thanks, Andrew. I should have thrown in free cake for those who sign up and then it would have been perfect tongue-out


      • I think you're already giving alot of value - but who doesn't like a fine piece!

  • Those are great packages Michael. Thanks for sharing. 

    • With numerous outstanding companies in the market, it's crucial to support one another for shared success. There are too many remarkable stories that remain untold. Farsight is committed to ensuring that the exceptional businesses within the region are recognised and celebrated.

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