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Hello ABN ....I hope everyone had a great fesitive season whatever you got up to!

One of my New Year resolutions is to spend time getting more creative ....starting off with some home and office decoration!

I've been creating a pinboard for my dream office environment and wondered what others thought...

Do you like to have colourful creative spaces to work from our do you prefer no distractions and simplistic setup...these are some of my absolute dream setups...would love to know your thoughts....




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  • Love the middle two, just wish i had room for something similar.  Ah well. I'll just stick to the corner of the bedroom and crack on.


    If your looking for paint, i'd highly recomend Trade Secrets, just off Muggiemoss road.  Used them for paint when decorating the house and it is great.

  • I like the 2nd one the best but they all look great! 

  • Great post Carol - it's exactly what I've been plotting in the new year, looks like you are further forward with it than me though!

    I like your first picture best. It's grand/classy and has quite subtle colours which in theory would help my concentration. 

    I am still trying to decide on my office chair!! :-)

  • Now these all look cool - but I like the current look here at Centrum (especially the library!)!

  • Love these!  Let us know how you get on with the decorating. I love the vibe in pic 1, that would be my pick, but I would need some bright light as I can't work well in mood/dim lighting! 


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