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There has been a lot of hype about video content in the social media world recently, so I decided to do my own research and thought I would share the findings...

Based on posts on my business Instagram account, I have found that photo posts can have an average lifespan of around 6 hours where as reels can have a lifespan of 2+ weeks!!!

For example, I posted a reel on 14th May and am still getting likes, engagement and followers from the post 🐝

Of course, not every reel will perform the same.

But from what I’ve seen, reels have a much longer lifespan and will give you a bigger bang for your buck 💥

Video content does take longer, but sharing high-quality reels on Instagram is likely to give you higher reach and engagement than solely focusing on photo/ carousel posts. Have you ventured into the world of reels in your business?

If you don't have time for reels and would like to learn more about outsourcing, please get in touch to discuss our social media management services.

Have a fabulous Tuesday!


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  • Great Post Maya! I have been trying to do a reel a week.  (They can be time consumng to create) and can get likes weeks after.  

  • I'm still learning when it comes to Instagram so this is good to know. And then there are Facebook Stories to get my head round too......

  • Hi Maya!

    Great post. I love posting reels and scrolling reels but you're right, it's very time consuming!

  • Ok, so Reels and Carousels are new to me (on Instagram), I am sure we will talk more about them on Friday!

  • Just posted Glencraft's first reel!

    Feel free to follow @glencraftluxury on Instagram!

    Thanks for the inspiration Maya Vertigans 

  • That's reel-ly interesting! Genuinely, despite the attempt at a joke!

  • Good post Maya - thanks for sharing that tip!

    So how long (on average) does it take to make a reel?

    • Andrew Smith It depends on how many images and videos you are editing together. But for a simple reel where you are just adding text and audio to one video clip, you can do that in 20-30 mins! 

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