How do you find your 'balance'?



Sometimes, we all need to step away from the laptop and embrace the great outdoors! At Commsbank, we've found the perfect balance (literally) and took some time out of the office to reset as a team. Paddle boarding wouldn't usually be my choice of activity (I'm more of a Mojito and Meze type gal), but this was a much-needed escape from reality on a Friday afternoon.

I'm interested to know what do you and your team do to find your balance?🏄‍♀️

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  • This looks like good fun! I've always wanted to try paddle boarding. 

    • It was fab, we went to Knockburn Loch - I recommend giving it a go 😊.
  • Well done! With the hot weather seems just the right thing to do! 

    • Absolutely, it's the perfect time for it. 

  • Well done Hannah!

    • Thanks Andrew, it was much to team Commsbank's surprise that I didn't actually fall in the water... Who knew someone so clumsy on land could find their balance in a loch!?  

  • Yay! Well done you. Looks similar to my Friday eve. I'm out on the water each week, either swimming, paddleboarding etc & couldn't be without it :) Luckily I have a great group of people doing it with me, so there's always someone left on shore to watch my son! 

    • Amazing, that looks like so much fun!🙌

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