Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Just a reminder to not feel guilty about any chocolate you have over the weekend, enjoy it! These are the cookies I made last night for our Easter goodies at Centrum today. Who else will be enjoying some chocolate?8742793464?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • SJ, you are a most excellent baker (will this reply take you back to the top of the feed? Again?! ha ha)!

    • hahah I need to come up with something to bake this weekend. 

  • BOOM! They do look good..... well played Siobhan! :)

    Currently having a tea break tucking into a chocolate cupcake topped with mini eggs too.... made by my wife and daughter on Sunday - awesome!!

    See you soon for CB meeting :)


    • These sound good! I might need the recipe for this. 


      Yes see you soon! 

  • These look lovely Siobhan

    Have you abandoned Teacakes completely?  😲😊

    Have a lovely Easter weekend.

    • They will be getting made again for sure. 


      Oh no, teacakes are still going strong! 

      • Good to hear! 😀

        • They will forever remain a staple fixture here on a Friday 😉

  • They look so good! I have to have dairy free chocolate so choices are limited (and expensive!) but sometimes needs must ☺️

    Happy Easter!

    • Have you tried the galaxy dairy free chocolate?

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