That was just one of the many questions I was asked at RGU last week!

Thank-you very much Tracy Pirie of RGU for the chance to spend time with some of your students (MSc International Marketing from the School of Creative & Cultural Business and MSc Business Leadership & Management with the Aberdeen Business School) and talk about effective networking

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  • It had never even crossed my mind to treat the opposite sex any differently when networking! Apart from probably not talking about handbags/make up/shoes to guys ha ha 

    • That's a bit presumptious. I quite like talking about make up. Takes me back to my new romantic days

      • Can you give me some tips on the best blusher and eyeliner then? I'll pick your brains later ha ha ha 

        • No problem!


          • Is that you? Can't quite decide lol

            • Ha ha. No! I do slim. But not like that!

              • I didn't know if it was some masterful makeup artistry! 

  • What was your responce to that question?

    • I just laughed alot, looked at Tracy for help and she laughed alot/was no help! Then I talked about treating all networking contacts exaclty the same. Eventually stopped sweating!

      • The best way to handle it! 

This reply was deleted.