It's been too long since our last £99 sale (Oct 20) - so here's the Spring Sale! Click HERE to save loadsa money on any of these 3 services:


ABN Contact Builder: our unique and highly effective 1-1 business-matching service. 9 months for only £99+vat, £79+vat for ABN Gold Members. Both new and existing Contact Builders can take advantage of this deal (Normal price = £249+vat for 12 months)


ABN Gold Membership: Premier Memberships with a huge range of member benefits. 6 months for only £99+vat, £79+vat for ABN Gold Members, New and existing Gold Members can get this deal (Normal price = £249+vat for 12 months (new members))


Advertising on ABN Community: gain loads more visibility, click-thrus and new business opportunities. Only £99+vat for 1 month in 2021, £79+vat for ABN Gold Members. Get the deal - only 10 available in total! - then let us know your preferred month (Normal price = £199+vat per month)


Now go get your credit card out, get some lovely deals, build more relationships and win more business!


And if you have any questions at all, please just let us know, either by adding a comment on this post, info@next-business.co.uk or 01224 900147

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  • Thanks for keeping us all on track with the Spring Sale at ABN, Andrew. That's my Ten and Contact Builder memberships renewed. I am looking forward to doing meetings in person again. Thanks for all your support over this past year. See you soon for a proper posh coffee in town! :)

    • Thank-you very much x 2 Natalie! See you soon. Will work on finding out where we can get that posh coffee.....

  • Thanks Andrew, 6 months Gold ABN purchased today 

  • ....and thank-you very much for your purchases Iska Birnie Diana Muzzall (times 3!) Doug Stuart!

  • I'm already a Gold member so -- with the extra 20% off other services -- it was a no-brainer. Cheers ABN!

  • Bagged a deal on Contact Builder. Can't wait to get chatting with new and old friends again! 

    • Thank-you very much John!

  • ...and thank-you very much for your purchases John Mellis, Helen Mill Lynn Batham and Graeme Forbes!

    • Looking forward to it!

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