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🛠 Spyrath Dev designs & develops websites that grow with your business by building partnerships with our clients throughout their business journey.

🖥 We offer a range of services such as our website care plans & SEO optimisation to compliment and grow your website as the focal point for your digital presence.

📝 I also publish guides and tutorials to empower non-technical users to learn more about their websites and other technical areas such as email hosting and domains. I also write about useful developer tools and techniques as well as self-hosting guides.

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I'd like to network with other professionals in Aberdeen and find opportunities to design and develop websites.

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👷‍♀️ Our core belief is that a website should grow to meet the needs of its owners. Launching a site is only the first step and what excels for a fledgling startup may be outgrown when it scales to a more-developed business. Clients shouldn't be left in the dark just because they're non-technical. We empower our clients to make website updates themselves (if desired) and use the expertise gained from our work assisting students at RGU to educate clients on the technical processes we work on for them.

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When you're starting out, take on any job big or small in your field. You never know what opportunities could come from them.

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Neil Yeoman

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