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Do you struggle with #whattosayonvideo, does that prevent you from making it in the first place, not knowing what makes valuable video content? In this video, I help you understand what makes valuable content and give you one very simple idea, that will provide you with a lot of content from multiple videos.

I'm Diana of Video Marketing Confidence and whether you're an entrpreneur, solopreneur or SME owner, what to say in your video marketing can be a real headache.

So many people say to me, I don't know what to say in a video. I really struggle with what make great content. Now, obviously, you want to be providing valuable content to your audience. So I want you to do to provide a whole bank of content from multiple videos is to think about this one question. What was the last question one of your customers asked you? Now I'm guessing and it's only a guess, I'll admit that, that if you think about the last 10 customers who asked you a question that you probably have somewhere in the region of 10 questions, that's content with ten different videos.

Think about it this way. If one person is asking you that question about your product or service, there are bound to be loads of other people out there who would like to know the answer to that question. Maybe they don't know you so they can ask you. Maybe they think it's a bit of a daft question, or maybe they've fallen on your literature or your website hasn't got the answer to that question and they've moved on somewhere else. So if you can provide them with those answers to the questions that they're thinking before they even need to ask them, that is huge value, that is fantastic content, and that will really engage your audience and have them coming back for more.

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