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Technology, Finance

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I am the co-founder of Sllick, a technology-focused accounting firm, where we are doing things differently (no more once a year calls from your accountant.....)

Our goal is to help businesses either move to cloud-based apps or to enhance their current processes with new apps. This could be anything from an accounting platform to an app that captures receipts at a click of a button, to a full workflow management app or an eCommerce platform. The key is that we set up systems to link as much as possible so that data can flow. 

You should come away thinking that your systems are pretty Sllick ;-)

We are Xero experts and only work with clients who are already using Xero or want to move onto Xero. This ensures that we are true specialists and can support our clients with 1 main product.

Of course, as accountants, we also offer ongoing financial services such as outsourced bookkeeping, VAT returns, management reporting, Virtual Finance Director services, Director Coaching as well as annual accounts and tax work

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Grow my network, connect with new clients and help the Aberdeen area/community with any projects

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We are technology focused accountants, we look at your day to day operations and see how utilising apps could save you time and money. 

Then we do the boring stuff like accounts :-)

Share some life or business wisdom!

Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership.

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Andrew Smith


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