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Oil & Gas, Hospitality, Engineering, Construction, Cleaning, Agriculture

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MacGregor Industrial Supplies was founded in 1985 and has grown to have six branches and 17 divisions that cater for a wide variety of trade and non-trade customers across the North of Scotland. We carry over 70,000 products across 17 divisions that all work together to provide a depth of knowledge and expertise. Our divisions encompass many departments including construction, PPE, workwear, hygiene and catering, ironmongery, decorative paints to name but a few!

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We are currently aiming to boost our brand awareness in Aberdeen and, as a primarily business to business organisation, would love to promote our products to the business community in Aberdeen and surrounding areas.

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Unlike many other industrial suppliers, all our branch locations have fully kitted out showrooms. This means you can come to our showroom, browse our range of products and speak to our team to get the perfect products suited to your business. If we do not have the product you are looking for, we can order this in for you to collect in the showroom or deliver it to your door!

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This community was heard through a business networking breakfast.

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