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Gathimba Edwards Foundation was set up to give kids in Kenya a chance.

With numerous projects across Kenya our aim is to help disadvantaged children get a start in life, whether it be support through shelter, clothing, education or sustainable food solutions and giving them the opportunity to not only live their lives as children but also to develop as adults. We also offer counselling and seminars on a wide range of topics for families we support.

Gathimba Edwards Foundation is a charity registered in Scotland. Charity No SC044869

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I want to help spread the word of our Foundation and make a difference to others in less fortunate circumstances.

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Instagram - @gathimba_edwards

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Myles Edwards

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  • Hi Kayleigh,

    thanks for connecting. It was so lovely to meet you, Thanks for making me feel so welcome and relaxed and listening to me improve my 'blurb' as we progressed.  I had a great time meeting so many lovely people. Looking forward to meeting up again. 

    Take care, Nicky.

  • Hi Kayleigh,

    lovely to meet you on Tuesday at the M4 event and look forward to learning more about your charity,

    warmest regards, Lorna

  • Hi Kayleigh,

    it was nice to meet you yesterday and know about the Gathimba Edwards Foundation.

    We run charity events so maybe we could have a chat.

    Give me a shout!

    Best regards,

  • Hi Kayleigh,

    Really nice to meet you today and hear all about GEF and yourself. Keep in touch and we will catch up again soon.



  • Hi Kayleigh, it was good to meet you last night and to hear about the great project you're involved in.

    Keep in touch,


  • Hi Kayleigh, lovely to meet you last night and looking forward to meeting again.


  • Hi Kayleigh, it was lovely to meet you at M4 this week - hope you're having a great week :)


  • Hi Kayleigh, thanks for connecting here, it was good to see you again last night at that epic M4 event, with your permanant beautiful smile.

    Have a wonderful day


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