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HR, Technology, Business Development, IT, Recruitment

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Founder & CEO @Squad; Think of us as your one-stop-shop for all things people, HR, Employer Brand, Culture and of course Recruitment. We have some of the industry-leading companies partnered with us to provide the ultimate people service to our client base. Disrupting like a start-up and delivering like an enterprise! Our real sweet spot is MVP to 3-year start-ups! Squad provides top technologists, plus more! With strong partnerships with HM Armed Forces & Universities we offer new talent pools through training methods and veteran/graduate schemes to enhance the chances of a hire first time round. Offering more than just the ‘regular’ agency talent. We can implement these processes to ensure the gap within technology is always bridged.

Managing Partner @Mayfair Ventures; Mayfair Ventures has 4 divisions, The first a start-up incubator & Accelerator. Working with predominantly European start-ups in the Cyber Security domain. The second, a Venture Capital arm. This working side by side with our accelerator to scale the projects. The third, an all new and exciting blockchain based token. This allows the general public to invest alongside institutional & high net-worth investors in the fund. Making the value of the token a real-world asset. The fourth, a talent business. This is to allow start-ups to scale with no staffing risks.

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Support, Advice and Network across like-minded businesses within Aberdeen

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We have built an eco-system for technology and cyber based startups to increase the chances of success extremely quickly. Our motto 'Disrupt like a startup, deliver like an enterprise' runs deep within our team.

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'Adapt and overcome' a phrase instilled from my days in the British Armed Forces something I have taken into my business life.

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