Your Contact Builder Meetings!

Calling all ABN Contact Builders! We want to see your meetings in action 

Here's just some of the great pictures we have received from CB meetings (including those which took place over Zoom!) 



Have you enjoyed a great meeting this month? Post your own photos below and let us know who you met! 

We'll help by sharing them across our social platforms and featuring them in our emails, giving both you and your partner a visibility boost 

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    Well done Jeanette Lowe & Gregg Ross - great to see some more behind-the-scenes CB pics!

    "A contact builder withGregg Ross, who gave me a lot of food thought around how to explain my services to people. I really appreciate the different perspective!"
    • Good work J-Lo and Gregg!

  • I had a great contact builder with Darren Aggasild yesteray,  no selfies I'm afraid but there was great chat! 

    • Thats great to hear! Well done both of you 

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    Half Contact Builder related, half ABN Networking related! But we're glad that Carrie Afrin & Joanna Fraser finally met in person after originally being introduced via Contact Builder & enjoying meetings online 

    "It was SO lovely to meet Joanna Fraser in person and the lovely Hoolet 🦉
    We met via ABN contact builder and have had multiple online catch ups since then so it was fab to finally meet in person. Contact builder has let to new friends and people that I class as being in my team. We have brainstormed many work ideas over the last few catch ups! Looking forward to the next in person blether"

    • Totally agree Joanna Fraser , online is great but you can't beat in person blethers! Let's catch up soon to arrange the next one :-)

    • Online networking is good but it was sooooo much better to hear the marvellous Carrie's Voice in person...

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    We have Nick Bansal to thank again for yet another fab CB meeting photo! This time with Siobhan Jaffray of SJ Nutrition 

    • This was a great catch up! 

  • Good pictures! And Nick is a CB selfie machine!

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