What's your vision picture?



I think in pictures and patterns. A vision board is a display of images that illustrate where you want to be in the future.  

A vision board is a compelling way to remind you why you are doing what you do. When you’re no longer struggling to find the next customer or wondering how you’ll make payroll, running a business may become less exciting. When you no longer need to draw on your creativity and problem-solving skills, one day may flow into the next, and you can become content, but perhaps not truly happy. Most owners are happiest when they are starting and growing a business, but when a company matures, it can become stifling.

The problem is, it can be challenging to leave a successful business. Your lifestyle needs are satisfied through your company, so why go? That’s where a vision board can be handy. It allows you to decipher the difference between being happy and merely content.   

So what images inspire you?


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  • This has inspired me to create my own vision board this evening! 

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