Happy Sunday fellow ABNers,

According to statistics, profiles with a picture get on average 21x more views than those without. To me, that's a good enough reason to make sure I have a great profile picture. 

I sometimes see profiles without photos or ones that could do with an update. They really are a great tool to connect with people - as humans, we are nosy and like to connect with people we know and trust. So, if they can't see who you are, they are also less likely to connect with you. 

Go have a look at your profile photo now! What does it say about you?
If it's more than 5 years old, or doesn't look like you anymore (for example: different hairstyle or colour, new glasses, lost or gained some weight), then it might be time for an update.

Here are my top tips for a great profile photo:

📸 Choose a good light source and make sure your face is evenly lit, facing a window or open door can create a nice and flattering light. Avoid direct sunlight though, as that creates harsh shadows.

📸 Choose a clean and clutter-free background, even better if it's in line with your brand colours or brand identity.

📸 Put your camera on a self-timer or have someone else take a photo of you, rather than taking a selfie.

📸 Turn your body at a slight angle to the camera, rather than facing straight on. Try a few angles and see which one works best for you.

📸 Wear something appropriate for your profession.

And if you struggle or you are looking for a more professional look to your images, get in touch with me, I'd  be delighted to help. :-)


Have a great Sunday!



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  • Heard you've got a new service, Iska??

  • Great post Iska! I had an amazing photographer to my brand photos and profile photo! 😊 

    Highly reccomend Iska for your brand photography shoot!

  • Great post Iska. No profile photo is no good!

    • Thank you, Andrew! Happy to hear that you agree. I know many people don't like having their photo taken, but I promise - it doesn't hurt! ;-)

  • And I was too quick clicking the post button. Here's the collage that was meant to go with the post...10580870858?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Lovely happy photos! 

      Great tips too - thanks Iska!

      • Thank you, Jessie! I love a good smile in a photo.

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