In the run up to the BT ISDN cut off in 2025, it is important that local business know what economies of scale & technical advances have been achieved, that result in Cloud telephony solutions being able to save up to 70% against traditional systems.

 Fundamentally, a new Cloud Phone system will give you more and cost you less !!

 It’s a Win, win, when you deal with people that know what they are doing.

Going with Cloud technology will give you the ability to be more flexible – like working from home, or out in the field or even adding & removing temporary staff. And in addition can offer access to better functionality and much improved communications, whatever your needs   


Give the team at DF Comms a call and ‘Let’s Talk Telecoms’ and we can turn the Big Switch off in to a big turn on!




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  • Give you more and cost less sounds good! Are there benefits to be had for all sizes of business?

    • Absolutly.....all sizes....not that size matters ;-)

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