They forgot I was even there!


Most people say they're more relaxed when they're not aware of the camera but how can you achieve this when it's photography day, the photographer is in the room, there's lighting equipment everywhere and he's pointing a camera at you?

There is a way!

I recently worked with JBS FabricationĀ in Peterhead to create some PR photos of their 'Sea Axe' subsea excavation tool and to shoot some candid headshots with the team.

Setting up a mock meeting is a fantastic way to communicate the values of teamwork and collaboration. Having team members together around a table naturally creates an element of spontaneity which leads to natural, candid expressions. Once people get chatting, they ALMOST forget about the flashing lights and bloke pointing a massive lens at them. Almost šŸ˜„.

Using flashes to carefully balance the lighting in the room together with the right camera settings and thoughtful composition I'm able to create a natural look to these kinds of shots, taking care to get a few angles of each person.

It's a great way to do it that's effective, efficient and says so much about your business.

How would you prefer to be photographed? Studio style, candid, outdoors or not at all? šŸ˜œ Let me know what you think...


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  • Great photos Graham! Candid for sure! Most of my sisters wedding photos from May are candid and those ones are my faves of everyone.Ā 

  • These are great! Awesome job, I bet they're really happy with the results.Ā 

    Candid all the way for meĀ 

    • Thanks Jessie!

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