Sea Dips

9832291295?profile=RESIZE_710x You are capable of hard things. 💚

I visited a friend in Northern Ireland and when she first suggested a sea dip my initial thought was nope! 😂

I’m not going to tell you to “feel the fear and do it anyways”. What I will say is when you do get scared or tell yourself you can’t do something just question it and know your capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. ✌🏻

As you can see I’m still smiling after my first sea dip experience and I probs will do it again. 🌊

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  • Great Post and Well done Siobhan. This is a tradition I have followed from past two years. Sea dip on New year's day. Start the new year with embracing discomfort. 

  • Ace post SJ! You've said before you never struggle with hard things. Heading for Aberdeen beach soon then? 50 balls then a quick dip?

    • No its a mindset thing! Yeah as soon as I get that robe! 

  • Amazing well done! I haven't been in for a couple months, but it's great isn't it. How were the waves?

    • We actually had to walk quite far to get into the sea, it was pretty calm. I'm planning on doing it again while I'm home, just need to get a robe. 

      • Nice! We'll have to go together at some point. 

        Regarding robes, my brother owns this company - and I wear my robe daily! There's currently 30% off at checkout too. 

        Seashell is for those who like to push boundaries, challenge themselves and appreciate the beauty of the world around us. Made for the adventurous sp…
        • I have seen this! Thanks I will get one ordered and yes we will have to get one arranged soon! 


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