Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone enjoyed the break and is ready to kick ass in 2022?
At Gathimba Edwards Foundation we started the month by taking a step back into 2021 with our first newsletter of the year, an edition we called 'Reflections and Gratitude'.
Did you receive our January newsletter? Check your inbox... 📬 
If you missed it please check your Junk folder in case it accidently flew in there. Alternatively if you aren't yet signed up for our monthly newsletter you can sign up below. It's a chance to find out what our team are doing for charity both in Scotland and Kenya each month and you can read it at your leisure. 

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  • Happy New Year to you too Kayleigh!

    Yes, I'm subscribed to your newsletter and would recommend anyone who isn't to sign up straight away

    When are you changing your name on here then?!

    • Hahaha, good spot! I keep forgetting, doh.  I've now KPD-ed my ABN page :) 

  • Happy New Year Kayleigh, i'm finally taking down my Christmas tree today (and the little angels I bought from GEF!) They have looked so cute. 

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