Anyone been baking recently?

Tried making your own versions of cakes, breads, etc. inspired by Bake Off?

I've just released a new version of my recipe software.

Still available for free (you don't even need to provide an e-mail address!) - still helping you gather your recipes and notes into one place - with many improvements, including copying & pasting recipe info and a version that you can use without installing.

You can download the new version for free at:

Wonder if Jack Bauer is still baking, and what he's been creating? ;-) 

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  • I think Jack's been doing loads of baking! So I've got a question for you that combines the two....what takes 24 hours to bake??

    • I'm going with sourdough!

      Not that it lasts long when Jack Bauer decides to save the world... ;-) 

  • I made some choc chip cookies last night. :) Who do you think will win bake off this year?

    • Sounds nice - do you have a photo of the cookies? :-)

      Haven't watched Bake Off for a few weeks and ended up losing track! Do you have any favourites or anyone you think will win?

      • sadly not sorry! they didn't look great to be honest haha! Not insta worthy. Missed the bake off this year, was too engrossed in Schitt's Creek. 

  • I have! Recently made some GF oat cookies and they actually turned out not too bad! 

    • Sounds nice - do you have a photo of the oat cookies? :-) 

      Quite a few people making cookies - perhaps Jack Bauer will need to be hired to keep Cookie Monster away from all the cookies! :-) 

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