• Hi Kayleigh, 

    I highly recommend speaking to a friend of mine Anthony Yeung. I will send you his details in a message


  • Other options are - and Paypal does a machine as well if you already have an account.

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  • Hello!  Did you get sorted?  I used to use iZettle for in person events.  I've now been able to get a reader that connects directly to my online shop.  As a result I have an iZettle card reader that is sitting here doing nothing.  If you have gone down the route of an account with them, I would be happy to pass on my card reader for you to use.

    • Hi Karen, thanks for thinking of us! I haven't set one up yet, as our next event is 2 months away however if I go for iZettle which quite a few people have suggested, we would really appreciate the car reader.  I'll email you once I confirm :) Thanks again! 

      • No problem at all.  I'm in Aberdeen once a week or so, so can drop it off if/when needed.

  • i may have something you can a zettle here that we never use im sure i can lend

  • Have you looked into Zettle? I've used these before working for non-profits. Or i'm sure someone here could help 

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