I posted a couple of weeks ago specifically about the Twitter 'share' button here on ABNCommunity. Well done to those who have been using it!

And if that's you, then you probably noticed we have a couple other share options too - LinkedIn, Facebook and Email. This may be news to you, so here's a quick run thru:



As highlighted above, when you click on content (your own or someone elses), these little icons will appear on the page.

To quickly clarify what I mean by ABN 'content', this applies to discussion posts, videos, blogs and events posted on the site. You can explore each by clicking each located along the top blue bar.

By taking LinkedIn as an example here, click on the icon and a seperate box will then pop up on your screen. You'll be able to choose whether you want to send it privately to someone or post publically. I've chosen the public share option in my example below! 



The best advice I can then give would be to remember and @tag anyone mentioned in what you are sharing, especially if it's their own content! Think brownie points - you're helping them reach a larger audience and they'll probably return the favour in the future (and this obviously strenghens business relationships which is something we're all passionate about!)


This is also a great opportunity to remind you that adding a picture/graphic to your ABN discussion/blog post will not only help it to stand out on the homepage feed, but also makes the 'social share' look more attractive! You can see what I mean with Norman's post that I used in my above example. 


I hope this helps! Let me know your thoughts below 




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  • Love this, a free and easy way we can be helping each other out. 

    • Thanks Siobhan (I'm Jessie this week, while she's on a very well deserved week off!)!

      • Thanks both! I hope a few people tried it out while I was away! 


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