• I made my recipe yesterday but, after a bit of googling missed out most of the extra sugar and butter. I have to say, it set beautifully and tastes amazing! Sadly, I can't put a picture on here as there isn't the option. If there's any left next week (which lets face it is unlikely!) I'll bring you a couple of pieces :-)
  • Buy a pack from Asda and blast it in the micro for 5secs!
    • Ahh that sounds amazing
  • If you find the cure to setting the toffee let me know, I can never get it to set.
    • Maybe James recipe is the answer???
  • I love millionaires shortbread too. I haven't made it in ages though. My recipe for the caramel is 1 tin of condensed milk, 4 oz butter, 2 oz sugar and a bit of vanilla essence. You melt it altogether (apart from the essence), boil for 5 mins, then add the essence and beat well. Hope that works for you Susan. I'd make some today but I'm trying to limit the amount of rubbish the kids eat :-)
    • I know the feeling Jeanette - I made the shortbread for my hubby but it's just too easy to eat, gooey toffee or not!!
  • Simple! Commission and outsource to a bakery/cakery business to make it for you! Possibly one who is multi award winning? ;-)
    • Ahhh but that takes the fun out of making it
  • My mum used to make the best millionaires shortbread as the toffee was really sticky and chewy but no idea how she did it - sorry Susan ;-)
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