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Many thanks to those of you who continue to share content to ABN Community. It benefits you (visibility!) and the other members (involvement!) and makes this community such a great place to network online. 

I'd like to highlight a couple of you who have shared content to the lesser known parts of the site, the events, blogs and videos sections. How often do you check them out? If you have your own business blogs/videos/events - then jump right in and share them here! 


Mia Middleton has recently qualified as a mindfulness teacher, and shared this great introduction to meditation. If this is something new for you or not, i'm sure you'll mind Mia's video beneficial and enjoy taking ten minutes to just be. 

Simon Pittman also shares videos frequently, you'll find introductions to his very helpful software which quite often are completely free to use! Take this example. 

The video section is full of interviews, helpful advice and entertaining insights into other members businesses (like The Wolf of Bridge Street by Phil Anderson!) Go and take a look for yourself here


Do you prefer reading? 

Take a look at the blog section for some great posts to help you combat lockdown afternoon boredom! Some of my favourites include Jenny Madhoo's 5 ways you can use COVID trauma, Chris Rae's The Power of Storytelling and Security tips for working from home by Nick Pickering.


And although in-person events are still on hold, businesses continue to host webinars and online events. Some of which are advertised here on ABN. Click here to browse and book yourself in! 







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  • What a great community to be a part of. Shockingly I only properly discovered the video section a couple weeks ago and there is some great content on there!

    • Thanks Siobhan, i'm glad you found it and hopefully this will point others in the direction who will also enjoy them. Thanks for adding your own! 

  • Good advice Jessie - as usual! If you have videos, blogs and events, get them on to get more visibility fo your content

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