10644321675?profile=RESIZE_710xHello ABN folks, how’s everyone doing? Hope you’re all thriving. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here on ABN having been unable to work for a few months last year for personal reasons. I've been back a while now, mainly online – just as well nae many people want or need to see my face in person 😂

So I just wanted to come on with a wee update about my Grampian Business Finder website and free Facebook group which against all the odds are going from strength to strength, the Facebook group topping 24,300 Members and the website now exceeding membership levels from before my absence.

This is no thanks to me and all thanks to my fellow Facebook Admin Jane, and to the Grampian Business Finder website members who stuck by me, some of whom are here on ABN. I doubted GBF would survive last year and there are no words to say how much I appreciate their kindness and support. If you use Facebook for your business and would like to raise your profile to over 24,300 Members and beyond you can join on the website or give me a shout if you’d like a chat.

Here are a couple of recent testimonials for Grampian Business Finder and This Little Piggy - I hope that means we've still got it! 😉

Take care everyone, all the best, Karen10644336486?profile=RESIZE_710x


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  • Great to see you back! Those are really good testemonials! 

    • Siobhan Jaffray thanks so much, how are you doing? Hope all's well. Thanks - I know, so kind of people to take time in their busy lives and businesses to give feedback :) 

  • Hi Karen 

    Been a while! Good to see you back and glad to hear that business is good :) Great testimonials, congrats! 

    I didn't realise GBF had a website now too, that's cool. Would it be possible to update the info & logo listed for ABN on there? 

    • Thanks a lot Jessie Crawley much appreciated. Hope all's well with you! Oh wow I thought you knew about it, thanks though, yes it's a good addition. Indeed it can, profiles can be updated anytime :)  All the best, Karen

      • Thanks so much Karen, please let me know how best to pass the info over.

        No, not sure how I missed that! Glad it working so well for you though 

        All good here too thank you, have a fab week :)

        • Jessie Crawley so sorry for the delay, I have the info I needed from Andrew now, and speaking of Sir Andrew he's best placed to decide who posts and updates.

          I don't know, it will be 3 years in December! It is thanks and still lots to do to make it better.

          Thanks for checking in on that, hope you're having a magic week! all the best, Karen

        • I'll keep you posted on that Jessie - thanks!

          I don't know either haha but we get there in the end, thanks for your kind wishes, and glad all's well with you, hope you're having a good one this week too :) 

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