How important is a photo?










How important is the photo you use on business platforms? 

Maybe you use a graphic instead such as your business logo. This is good for brand recognition but will make it harder for people to link (the real-life!) you to your online profile when they meet you offline. Using one of your face will help to avoid awkward moments (not being recognised!), especially after a year of online-only networking.

My advice would be: Use a semi-professional, clear and recent photo (and use the same one across platforms!)

Although I say recent, don't change things up too much! You will eventually become recognised across platforms thanks to the little icon, and wouldn't want to confuse people. I tend to change mine every year. 

And if you need to update your headshots - we have some great photographers here! Get in touch to arrange an introduction, or simply post your own discussion asking for their help.

What are your thoughts?

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  • I definitely think you need a recent, clear, professional photo on your social media platform as it makes it easier to recognise who you are meeting for face-to-face meetings (roll on the return of these!). However I never thought about using the same photo across them all so this is a great tip Jessie.

  • I use the same picture across all sites, I think it helps with the recognition. 

    • I agree Jennifer! 

  • I'm on the fence with this one, I've used my caricature for years, since I started at XIC! I love it but do often wonder if it would be better to use a picture instead. Maybe at somepoint I'll update it but as you say would need a good professional headshot! 

    • Ah, here's an example of an exception! 

      The XIC caricatures are great, something different which i'm sure benefits the business too as they're a talking point and show creativity. 

      Plus, it's done so well and SO obviously you! The same with Jason - I can tell straightaway and would of course recognise you offline from them.

  • Gosh, that's good advice, I don't think I have the same photo on all the sites I am attached to.

    • Glad it helped Mia :)

  • I always look at LinkedIn photos before meeting someone new for the first time.  Worst experience was somebody that hadn't updated their photo for years (and I mean lots of years!) and had grown a beard, was grey instead of dark haired and rather more portly.  However, he recognised me so it worked in the long run.

    • It makes things a little awkward doesn't it! I'm glad he recognised you.. and hopefully his is updated by now!

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