🐶 ❤️ 🐶 Happy International Dog Day! 🐶 ❤️ 🐶

As you may have gathered.....2 Circles Solutions LOVE our doggies - so much so, we bring them into the office daily!

👇If you are crazy about your 4 legged friend - post a picture below! 👇


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  • Sadly no pets here, as not really practical at moment! My family did have dogs when I was younger, although I'm more of a cat person!

  • Aw love a dog post. Couldn't resist to share, this is from a few months back, Bella & her daughter Poppy - she's almost as big as Bella now! 


  • Here for all the cute doggo photos! 

  • Can't believe I missed this post. 

    This is Mirren 9553681885?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Such cuties :) Here's Peanut with her favourite person9481024267?profile=RESIZE_584x

    • This is soooooo cute!!

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