Golf Caddy Anyone?



We got this Golf Caddy from a client to be embroidered. 
I'm always up for a challenge anytime. It literary gives my a good adrenaline boost. We managed to do it well. Really awkward to hold on our machines but it's done and looks Bonny. 

So if anyone asks you if Ripples can embroider anything. I think the answer will be Hell Yeah.  Who has any other caddy they need personalised? Hahahahahaha. 

have a great weekend folks. 


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  • Nice work Ola! 

    I`ll be giving you a shout when I get the next bag! :)


    • Sure John.

      I look forward to that.

      Trust you are keeping well?

  • Great job Ola!

    • Thanks Jessie. :-)

  • This looks great! Well done! 

    • Thanks a lot Siobhan

  • Hell yeah Ola! Is this the start of you getting into golf now??

    • Hahahaha. Erhmmmmm dont think so Mr Smith :-)

      • Never say never!

This reply was deleted.