Do you set goals?

On the UK Personal Finance Show podcast this week John Mellis and I are talking financial goal setting. Do you set financial goals? Do you write them down? Are you focussed on them?

Over the years I have spent thousands of pounds on self-development and self-improvement. Goal setting is part of the reasons I have had the success I have. 



On my latest podcast I shares some of my top tips for financial goal setting. In this podcast we look at the importance of setting goals, planning and achieving your desired goals. We discuss various financial goals including paying off your mortgage early, buying that dream car and retirement goals.

You can listen here - Financial Goal Setting Podcast

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  • Great topic Phil. I feel goals are really important in all aspects of life. And totally agree with you. The first step for going from point A to point B is to have a definite point B and then write it down. 

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