Fun Friday - Whats your Friday song?


Mid January already and tax season well underway here at Henderson Loggie.  Whoever came up with the slogan "tax needn't be taxing", honestly needs a slap!

Nevermind, it is Friday, so press play and ease yoursefl out the working week!



Working from home does have some advantages - for instance I can listen to whatever background music I like!

Personally I am not keen on these "music to focus to" playlists.  I much prefer something upbeat to keep the spirits up.

Found a new Friday song today - "One too Many" by Luke Combs, Brook & Dunn (

It wont be for everyone, so what is your 'Friday feeling' song?


(By the way for anyone baffled by the picture - it's a cassette tape, used for recording songs off the radio to make your own playlists😎, apparently they are considered retro now and are making a comeback - god knows why!🤦‍♂️)


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  • Ed Sheeran's new song Grafitti is my new favourite.  In fact all Ed's songs are my favourite.




    • Nearly posted castle on the hill myself this morning! Great tune 👍🏼

  • Here's mine

  • A very mixd bag this morning so far, some great choices 👍🏽

  • Here's my Friday picks

  • My Firday choooon is a belter!!

    If you are not fist pumping or tapping your foot while listening to this, I'd call a doctor!! You might have to wait until the summer for an apt though 😉

    Happy friday folks

    • Still a belter! Good work fella

    • Nice one Paul

    • Thi is a belter, I saw a video on facebook last year songs that were released in 1999 and I'm sure this was one of them! 

  • Electric Light Orchestra - Don't Bring Me Down (Audio) - YouTube


    Happy Friday Gang! I've been listning to a lot of ELO again lately so this is my choice today. 

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