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Consistently active ABN Community members make more connections and win more business. You'll hear me shouting about this a lot, but only because it's true! I've seen it for myself over the past 5 and a half years i've worked with Andrew. And the best thing? It's EASY to stay active.

ABN Community is buzzing with new content each week, it's time to add your own!

Share a business update, ask the community a question, add a promotional video - whatever you have in mind, share it with us (with new members every day - there's always a new audience!) You have the potential to reach out and widen your network, and it's all FREE.

TOP TIP Remember to engage with other members' content! Share genuine comments and join the conversation. Doing so will increase the likelihood of your own success.

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  • That's so true, Jessie! Consistency is key to everything :-) 

    • Thanks Iska hope you're well! 

  • Great advice Jessie

  • So true Jessie, consistency is key!

    • Thanks Siobhan :)

  • Totally agree and this is such a nice, friendly and effective business network.  Over the years I have been active, then dissapeared for a while when life gets busy with other things, but it's always great to dip back in and see what is going on. 

    • Glad you're back Alice! 

  • Great advice, Andrew said something similar to me the other day. Set a time limit and focus and engage with people genuinely. ✅ 

    • Thanks Jennifer! It's simple, but it works!

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