You've added a great discussion (remember?) and it's performing well with other members liking and adding comments.

Many of these comments could mean the beginning of a great relationship, others may come from people you've only met a handful of times and some may come from individuals you have a great exisiting relationship with. Either way, you wouldn't want to ignore those who are supporting your content! 

Add a daily reminder into your diary (or stick a post-it to your screen!) to make sure that you check back and return the engagement. To improve your online networking even more, you should also engage with other member's content, there's new posts daily available via the homescreen. 

Checking back will also increase your visibility online and show others that you are an active member


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  • I definitely need to add a reminder to my diary as time runs away with me and I forget to check in.  Thank-you Jessie.

    • Easily done Mia, great to see you catching up today though :) 

  • Great advice Jessie! Hope all is well with you 

    • Thanks Nicola. All grand thanks, nice to see you back :)

  • Completely agree with this Jessie!

    • Thanks Siobhan :) 

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